Shri Shanta Durga Temple
The Shantadurga Temple is dedicated to Durga. The Shantadurga Temple lies 3-km from Ponda in Kavlem. Shant means peace and Durga supposedly mediated a dispute between Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, bringing peace to the world; in the temple she is depicted in between the two deities. The interior has polished marble and several chandeliers provide that light. The deity of Shantadurga with Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva on either side is behind a silver screen. This is one of the largest Hindu temples in Goa. A distinctive six-storeyed Deepstambha and 'Ratha' (chariot) with some gilt work adorn the temple grounds. It is interesting to note that amongst some other features of the temple, the dome shows a definite influence of Church architecture.