Spice Plantation

Hidden away from the tourist hotspots of Goa are huge spice plantations that produce many of Goa's fantastic aromatic spices. Once at the plantation you will either make your way over the river way by bridge or by boat depending on the season, once on firm land you will be welcomed with a herbal tea and a leaflet briefing you about the plantation.

A guide will then take you on a tour of the plantation which will last about one hour, the guide will explain about all the spices and plants you discover and tell you about their medicinal properties. Black pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, chillies, coriander and all spice are just some of the spice plants you will find in the plantation. Varieties of Cashew trees, betel nut palm trees and some tropical fruits like Star fruit, Custard apples, Papaya, Bananas, Pineapples and the Citrus fruits are also found in the grounds.


There is the chance to see a kingfisher dive into the water, watch the monkeys playing on the trees, and watch one of the staff climb the trees and swing from tree to tree, as this is how the fruit is collected, the normally cover 60 trees, swinging from one to another without going back to earth.


After your tour round the plantation, you will be served lunch in an open air restaurant by the riverside, the lunch is a very tasty local meal served on a banana leaf, accompanied by a sweet dish and a tipple of cashew feni (Goan speciality), or Urraq (a light version of feni). While relaxing with your lunch, you might get glimpse of a few of the nearly 80 species of birds that have been sighted within the plantation, birds of paradise, cuckoos, koel, cousals, owls, maina, horn bills, pittas, parrots and large eagles are just a few of the birds living around the grounds. Even you can enjoy the elephant ride & elephant wash within plantation.